Let’s Goooo!

DaBaby Convertible Coin is a BEP-20 Token that has been created to transcend the meme itself. It has no explicit or implied connection to anyone using a similar name. The purpose of this token is to create a solid dev team behind a rockin’ DeFi project serving it’s community. The Project will be evolving and incorporating community function throughout to produce a fair and opportunistic approach to the crypto space. This first begins by airdropping 100,000 DABABY to the first 500 people that believe this project.

The PancakeSwap link is here: Pancake
The contract address is: 0xfdb346ce2fbc8acbd31e982def9ccf645fb18b18

6,942,042,069 DABABY were originally created.
2,735,072,649 DABABY will be burned over the next 12 months.
1,337,040,000 DABABY will be given to the community over the next 12 months to improve project Fairness.
It is encouraged for whales to donate some of their DABABY to victims of rug pulls & scams.

This is not a future rug pull, no. In fact, the first time the dev wallet will be taking liquidity out of the project will be to buy the 10 Tesla Model 3 community giveaway. There is no intention to remove liquidity from the LP pool for personal gain. Please reach out if you have suggestions on how to improve community trust for this project.